A history of how benjamin franklins works mirrors and boosted the american spirit

Short, who undertook to make the telescope, was long in a bad state of health, and much in the country for the benefit of the air. He however at length finished the material parts that required his own hand, and waited only for something about the mounting that was to have been done by another workman, when he was removed by death. I have put in my claim to the instrument, and shall obtain it from the executors as soon as his affairs can be settled.

A history of how benjamin franklins works mirrors and boosted the american spirit

WHEN the Editor undertook this publication he had good reasons for believing that he was in possession of all the important correspondence and writings of Franklin which had survived him, but, as the work progressed, he has realized more fully than ever before that the task of the Danaides was scarcely more difficult or discouraging than that of making a complete collection of the correspondelice and writings of a man who stood in so man.

The harvest, instead of diminishing with the lapse of time, seems to increase by cultivation. Over two hundred documents upon which the stamp of Franklins genius bad been impressed, and which are entitled to a place in any collection of his works, have been placed in the editors hands since the publication of the first two volumes.


The larger number of these unfortunately reached liim after the documents of corresponding date had gone to press. It thus became necessary to provide for them in a supplement, which will be found at thc end of this volume. For the opportunity of enriching his work with these papers he desires to recognize his special obligations to Mr.

A history of how benjamin franklins works mirrors and boosted the american spirit

Stevens, who kindly placed the whole of his important collection of Frankliniana at the Editors disposal to blr. Henjamin, to whom he is indebted for most of the letters from Franklin to Strahan that appear in this work, and which constitute a very important contribution to our knowledge of Franldin as a man of business.

He has also to confess his great obligations to Mr.

Ford, of the State Department, Washington, of whose precise and extensive acquaintance with the resources of the government archives he has been permitted freely to avail himself and to his brother.

Ford, and their father, whose collections of autographs and other memorials of our early history no student of our early annals can afford to neglectGallery Custom Vehicle Car Wrap Fort Lauderdale Miami Palm dz dz.

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Franklin's Glass Armonica. In the mids, Benjamin Franklin served as a delegate for colonial America and spent a great deal of time traveling to London and Paris.

American intellectuals sometimes underestimate Franklin's status, assuming perhaps that we revere him faute de mieux and for parochial reasons -- and that he was really a pipsqueak and amateur among the big boys of Europe.

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Max Weber, one of the fathers of sociology, pursued this issue in The Protestant Ethic and the 'Spirit of Capitalism'.To Weber, there appeared to be a relationship among an individual's work ethic, business success, and moral code.

Ben Franklin Package [Today is the tricentennial of the birth of the most polymathic of the Foundng Fathers. First, an appreciation of his work on electricity, then news items for today and reflections, then reviews of books about him over the past few years.

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