A literary analysis of the protagonist austin in true west

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A literary analysis of the protagonist austin in true west

American theatre play True West by Sam Shepard: As Austin continues to studiously work on his script and Lee passionately steals television sets, Shepard highlights both their physical and ideological juxtapositions.

They are performing the characters Austin and Lee respectively in the True West play rendition. Yet, Shepard also delineates these sharp dichotomies as the source of their identity incompletions. Through the comical personality reversal, Shepard exemplifies the unhealthiness of a separation of passion and reason from one another.

A literary analysis of the protagonist austin in true west

The true paradise that Lee discusses is neither the old West nor the new West but the blurred balance between the two, where order and rationality and chaos and creativity are fused together.

Renowned American literary playwriter Sam Shepard and his collection Seven Plays Thus, through the divergence and convergence of Austin and Lee, Shepard explores the fluid spectrum of identities: Only one man exists, and that is the old, new, and ultimately true Western man.

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True Son/Johnny The protagonist, or main character, in the novel.


The two names refer to John Cameron Butler, a Pennsylvania native whom Lenni Lenape braves (referred to by whites as "Delaware Indians") captured in July at age four and reared for eleven years as Lenni Quis (translated as "True Son"), the son of Cuyloga and Quaquenga.


BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis Little Brother Done Good. At the top of the play, Austin seems to have everything going for him.

He's a relatively young man in his early 30s, he's got a family in Northern California, he's working for good money as a writer, and he's on the brink of getting his next project into the hands of a producer.

The Old West vs. the New West The old West versus the new West is not a topic meant for historical debate, but a no holds barred fight to the death. Austin is the representative of the order created by the suburban new West while Lee is the representative of the desert old West and the chaos it represents.

A literary analysis of the protagonist austin in true west

West, I turn to Nicholas Grene, who offers a useful explanation of the Literary Revival and the resulting attention that urban Irish authors paid to the West: Romantic pastoral was a formative part of the Literary Revival from the begin-.

Ethan Hawke, Paul Dano to star in 'True West' on Broadway Ethan Hawke and Paul Dano are set to star as Lee and Austin in the Roundabout Theatre Company's winter production of the late Sam Shepard.

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