A look at the early and original settlers of new england and the chesapeake

Religion in Virginia at Pohick Church in Fairfax County, the Anglican minister preached from a position of authority to parishioners sitting in boxed pews within a classic example of Georgian architecture Up in Cape Cod and Boston, the leaders of those initial colonists in Massachusetts that started arriving in had a zeal to create a new theocracy. They wanted to build "city on a hill," to become a shining example to others. The Separatists later called Pilgrims that sailed on the Mayflower and then the Puritans who arrived later wanted to create an environment in which their one majority perspective would dominate the religious and political culture.

A look at the early and original settlers of new england and the chesapeake

The idea was that the construction work for this infrastructure would support the settlers until they could develop farms on the blocks of land allotted to them.

At this time, the Manawatu and western Hawkes Bay was still largely undeveloped, in most part covered in dense impenetrable forest. For these areas, Vogel was keen to recruit settlers from Scandinavia, who were reputed for their skill as foresters and axemen.

It also appears that he may have also been influenced by an early, and rather illustrious settler in the Manawatu — Ditlev Gothard Monrad, former premier of Denmark. Monrad had immigrated to New Zealand, along with his family, inin a kind of self-imposed exile.

Clearly not afraid of hard work, he found a small clearing on the banks of the Manawatu River, in Karere near Longburn and, using timber from the surrounding thick forest, built a home and then went on to develop a farm.

Calaeno, arriving in Februarywas the first ship bringing Scandanavian settlers bound for the Manawatu. On it were 51 people from Norway and Sweden who were to make new homes for themselves in the heavy bush land which surrounded the swampy clearing, known as Papaioea, that was to be Palmerston North.

The 18 families were allotted a small block of land of around 40 acres at either Whakarongo the Stony Creek block or Awapuni the Karere block.

The middle colonies

The men were provided with work building roads and a railway and felling bush. A road and tramway was built through the bush from Foxton to the site of Palmerston North, providing better access to the fledgling township. The home of one of these first group of settlers, Petter and Maja Andersen, who were allotted a 33 acre block of land at Whakarongo still survives today, though relocated to Clifton Terrace, the river terraces overlooking Palmerston North.

See also The opening up of the Manawatu — the waste land of the colony.

Historical Overview

Some of the men pictured are Scandinavian immigrants. The house was one of the first European houses in inland Manawatu, erected by European carpenters employed by Ditlev Gothard Monrad, the Lutheran Bishop and ex-Premier of Denmark who settled at Karere in The house was situated near the bank of the Karere Lagoon on Section 35 of the Karere Block, about three miles west of the present settlement of Longburn, near Palmerston North.Start studying Chapter 2: Beginnings of English America, Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Delve into the history of early settlers in North America. Delve into the history of early settlers in North America. Students look at pictures of everyday items from different American time periods and place them on a timeline.

A look at the early and original settlers of new england and the chesapeake

Concerns about attacks by Indians and the Dutch led both colonies to become part of the New England. The Scandinavian settlers of the Manawatu January 16, August 14, envirohistorynz In , Colonial Treasurer Julius Vogel introduced a public works and immigration scheme, under which suitable immigrants would be settled along the projected lines of the road and railway.

The settlers of this area came from England to get away from what they believed to be a corrupt and bad church and to escape a civil war.

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They fled the country, floated across the Atlantic and settled the part of the New World that will later be known as Massachusetts, Maine, New . The middle colonies were originally settled by the Dutch, however the English saw the Dutch as a threat so they drove the Dutch out.

They later on renamed the colony the Dutch had settled in New York. The early settlers of New Hampshire and Maine were also ruled by the government of Massachusetts Bay. New Hampshire was permanently separated from Massachusetts in , although it was not until that it was given its own royal governor.

England had taken the first steps in reorganizing her empire in a more profitable manner. The.

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