Advertorial writing a check

Carol Tice Do you ever wonder where the better-paying freelance writing gigs are hiding? The good news is, there are plenty of niches that pay better than writing, say, a word blog post or a word online product description — to name just two classic bottom-of-the-barrel niches where pay is often miniscule.

Advertorial writing a check

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Now, what are you going to do with the opportunity? NZ Construction News Tempting as it might be to cut and paste vast chunks of your marketing brochure and drop them onto the page, please don't.

Back away from that idea. Because your intended customers would like you to tell them a story. If you tell, rather than sell, you stand a much greater chance of engaging your reader, and thus of achieving your objective.

If you follow these simple guidelines you'll write advertorial that people will want to read: First, speak to the publication's editor to check what is required and when.

Then, ask yourself ten questions: Who are you trying to reach with this information? What do they really need to know from you? What's the focus of your story - and why is it relevant to the readers of this magazine?

There's no point in writing about your spectacular new crane if you're writing an article for NZ Pig Hunter, for example… How is your thing going to change or is already changing your client's world?

What's not important to this story? What do you want the reader to do when they read it? Who from your company is going to be quoted? Quotes are always good for adding human flavour and providing context.

What sort of stories, evidence, images and quotes can you use to illustrate your points? Have you got a story about how your thing is achieving something specific? Achievement is a powerful tool, particularly if your clients are prepared to say something useful about how you changed their world forever.The most obvious sign you’re writing an advertorial is that you’re getting paid to promote a product, service, or company on your blog.

Blog articles shouldn’t have a bias because of money or gifts. Also, I cannot explain how amazing it is to never worry about touching up or looking in the mirror to check if I look like the living dead. I literally wear NO lipstick anymore besides on days I have events and want to add some gloss or tint for a stronger effect.

Check out these tips on how to write an advertorial: DON’T sound like an advertisement. Clearly, an advertorial IS an advertisement, but it offers more than just information about a product. Check out the artful four-film documentary produced by BMW to find out. In the videos, BMW calls on the experts – fifteen of today’s leading academics, pioneers and entrepreneurs – to share the insights of the past, present and future of technology, cities and the automobile.

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Breaking the videos up into four parts allowed BMW to get. November 09, at am | WASHINGTON (AP) — Former first lady Michelle Obama blasts President Donald Trump in her new book, writing how she reacted in .

Advertorial writing: For seamless copy which reads like an editorial but includes a marketing message, contact this London-based advertorial writing expert.

advertorial writing a check

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