An analysis of the art of carving a pumpkin

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An analysis of the art of carving a pumpkin

The two brown bombillas are made from cane, and the silver piece on the far right is the sugar spoon from the sugar bowl pictured above. The mate on the left is also pictured at the top of this page - the photo was taken as the artisan was carving the design What does yerba mate taste like?

Yerba mate has a strong flavor, and is something of an acquired taste. As with beverages such as coffee or scotch, what may taste unappealing at the first sip may eventually become a favored drink. People in South American countries often grow up drinking a milk diluted or sweetened mixture as a child and become as attached to the caffeine and flavor as many Americans are of coffee or colas.

The yerba tea mixture has a taste something like green tea with tobacco overtones. While some people love the taste, one person described it to me as "drinking grass clippings through a cigar"!

How to Carve a Pumpkin Writing Prompt | Still Playing School History[ edit ] Homo erectus may have begun cooking food as early asyears ago.
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An analysis of the art of carving a pumpkin Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. We know the costume is probably your main focus for the holiday, but the night just wont be complete without a glowing pumpkin on your doorstep.
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Drinking diluted yerba made from yerba tea bags or adding sugar to the tea may be more palatable to the North American novice than strongly infused tea. The mate gourd and its preparation Before its first use, a gourd mate must be cured.

The flavor of the mate improves as time goes by and it continues to cure. The first step is to eliminate the soft pulp from of the inner walls of the gourd.

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The gourd is filled with wet, used yerba pulp, taken from a mate in use. Hot water is added, and the gourd is set aside to rest for a day. The next day, the used yerba is removed and the gourd is well rinsed. Then the inner walls are scraped to remove the soft inner pulp.

Once this process has been finished, the gourd is rinsed again with plenty of water and the operation is repeated a few times. If the gourd is going to be used to drink a sweetened yerba mixture, the wet inner walls of the gourd can be coated with sugar, and a hot ember added.

The smoke and burning sugar will drive the sweetness into the wall of the gourd and add additional flavor. Mate gourds and mate accessories Mates range from simple, small, and unadorned gourds to elaborately carved cups complete with silver accents or leather coverings. Each region has different designs and decorations.

Antique mate cups are highly prized, with the mate and bombilla often becoming valuable family treasures that are handed down among generations.

Mate gourds from Uruguay may have intricate carvings or leather cup holders, while those from Argentina are often decorated with Alpaca German or nickel silver.

Some mates have a three-legged metal base so the gourd will stand alone, and many have a metal ring around the hole in the top to reduce wear. The decoration of a mate is somewhat regional but also depends on whether the gourd is intended as an artistic piece or one that is solely functional.

The shape of the gourd also varies by region, with some preferring a gourd with a narrow or wide opening or a specific bowl shape.

An analysis of the art of carving a pumpkin

Gourds that have thick walls are valued due to their sturdiness and because they are less likely to crack with long usage. Gourd mates may be decorated with aluminum, resin or leather coatings, and some are even covered with an entire cow hoof! While many people swear by the flavor that is imparted from a natural gourd, some mates are also made from wood, ceramic, cow horns or steel.

Prices vary widely from a few dollars to several hundred, depending on the materials used to decorate the mate and the artistic value. Bombilla literally means "light bulb".

This name originated from the shape of the bombilla; many of these straws have a flared or bulbous end which acts as a filter as the mixture is sipped. These decorative metal or cane straws have some type of coiled spring, small slots or pierced holes that prevent the minced yerba leaves from being ingested.

The highest quality bombillas are made from silver and have a gold tip, but inexpensive cane bombillas are just as functional. Some bombillas are easily disassembled for cleaning; a small bottle brush type accessory is used to clean the interior.

Sugar bowls and yerba storage containers are also made from gourds and are sometimes available with mates as matching sets. The gourd plant It was difficult to find someone that could tell me exactly what gourd variety was grown and used for mate cups.

When asked, the locals just spoke vaguely about the "pumpkin" or occasionally referred to them as squash. The word gourd is not used in South America, instead, calabaza is generally used to refer to any variety of squash, gourd or pumpkin.Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin Crafts Pumpkin Ideas Pumpkin Carving Pumpkin Decorating Contest Pumpkin Contest Fall Decorating Pumpkin Lights Pumpkin Painting Forward Fancy Nancy Book Pumpkin (this could be an idea for CC next yr if she has to do the same project CJ has to.

she loves Fancy Nancy). | Pumpkin Math

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The word yerba literally translates as "herb", but that term is a misnomer. The yerba plant (Ilex paraguarensis) is a tropical or subtropical evergreen tree of the holly family that requires high humidity, temperature and rainfall.

The tree reaches maturity in about 25 years and can reach heights of over 40 feet. The wild yerba plant is indigenous to Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Oct 30,  · Create your FREE Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contests. Do you also want to run an engaging and fun pumpkin carving contests?

Are you sharing your competition with many people in the same time, to vote and decide which creative individual wins the prize? TM5 IDLIST Class Accordions Address books Addressing machines Adhesive tape dispensing machines Air compressors Alarm clocks Ale Almond paste Altimeters.

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