Checklist for writing a personal narrative

Print out at least the checklist, below, in this Treat for each student Pencil or pen piece of lined paper A "narrative" is a story which you "narrate," or tell, in writing. The story is usually about an experience, event, or a whole sequence of events. You can jump between fact and imaginative fiction in many narratives. That point should probably be revealed in the beginning, so that the reader can follow along with the story until somehow the point is brought out again in the ending.

Checklist for writing a personal narrative

Writing a personal narrative introduces your students to the magic of storytelling. Here are three easy, enjoyable lessons that guide your students in creating personal narrative stories.

Spread these activities over three days to get the maximum benefit. First, you'll help your class brainstorm and group ideas, then you'll lead them in considering descriptive language, and lastly, you'll assist your students in using an outline for writing a first-person narrative piece.

In the Mind's Eye Step 1: As a class, brainstorm common experiences. Some examples might be entering kindergarten or first grade, celebrating a birthday of favorite holiday, caring for a pet, or playing on a sports team.

List as many general experiences as possible, and then ask students to mentally select an experience from the list. Now have your students write down as much as possible about their selected experiences.

Set a timer for ten minutes. Tell them not to think too hard, but to simply jot down whatever comes to mind as they consider their chosen experiences.

The goal is not to generate correct English sentences at this stage. The goal is just to get thoughts and ideas on paper. Next, ask your students to illustrate the experiences on paper, using crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

Encourage kids to include as many specific details as possible. End this lesson with a discussion. Ask students to plan how they'll share their experiences. Can the events be broken down into main ideas? How should the narratives begin? How should they end? How much information is necessary to make a point?

checklist for writing a personal narrative

Today, kids have completed brainstormed lists of thoughts and ideas as a preliminary step to writing a personal narrative, plus a detailed picture to boot! Save the work for the next lesson. Read the following aloud: I ate a snack. I did my homework.

Now read the following aloud: I stumbled off the bus, arms full of books, dragging my jacket in the dust of the driveway. What a day it had been! Throwing everything on the sofa, I spied Mom's homemade chocolate fudge brownies cooling on the kitchen counter. Chocolate and a big glass of milk before tackling my homework!

I savored every bite and then whizzed through my math problems. Double-checking those multiplication drills, I found no mistakes. Tucking away my books, I ran outdoors to join the neighborhood ball game. With your class, discuss the differences in the two writing samples.

checklist for writing a personal narrative

How is each passage different? Why do details make writing better?Humble ISD 1st Grade - Personal Narrative - Unit of Study Curric\writing\Units of Study Rev 8/11 3 Personal narrative is telling the big and small stories of our lives.

It is especially well suited for K-1 students because they are already natural-born storytellers. Scoring Rubric: Narrative Based On Personal Experiences Scoring Rubric: Narrative Based on Personal Experiences The organization, elements of narration, grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling of a written piece are scored in this rubric.

Find this Pin and more on writing ideas and projects by Deb Hanson | Crafting Connections. From demonstration, to color coding, to mentor texts, 8 great techniques for teaching writing This would be an easy wall hang up for students to evaluate their Narrative Writing.

Personal narrative checklist, I like the idea of having it posted in the. © Benchmark Education Company, LLC • Benchmark Writer’s Workshop • Grade 2 • Personal Narratives 59 Personal Narratives Checklist Name _____ Date _____ Title _____ Yes No Not Sure* 1.

Oct 26,  · Here is a short description of what I am looking for in th ENDING of your personal narrative. Narrative Writing Prompts Personal Narrative Writing Personal Narratives Writing Topics Writing Lessons Writing Workshop Essay Topics Writing Ideas Memoir Writing Forward This is a simple resource I made for my second graders to reinforce the topic list and how to choose a good topic.

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