Effects of static and dynamic culture conditions biology essay

Culture is fluid rather than static, which means that culture changes all the time, every day, in subtle and tangible ways.

Effects of static and dynamic culture conditions biology essay

Table 5 shows colour alteration due to the temperature consequence on equilibrium.

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In Table 1, the solution CuSO4 was in equilibrium in a light bluish colour until the equilibrium shifted to the right as beads of NH3 were added, organizing the merchandise. When the acid HCl was added, the equilibrium shifted left once more, turning the colour of the solution light blue once more.

Because this chemical system was in a province of dynamic equilibrium, the colour of the solution was able to turn light blue once more as the merchandises can reform the reactants.

When HNO3 was added, this showed a alteration in equilibrium by fade outing the precipitate, organizing a clear solution.

The action was reversed once more as HCl was added and a precipitate was formed once more, back uping the dynamic equilibrium. Besides back uping the dynamic equilibrium, by demoing the rearward chemical reaction, the add-on of concentrated NH3 so dissolved the precipitate that was formed. Once the second of add-on of HNO3 was added, a white gas formed because there was excessively much concentration of HNO3.

When NH3 was added after that, more white gas formed because there was excessively much concentration of HNO3. When NH3 was added after that, more white gas formed because the concentration of the merchandise was now besides in surplus.

The add-on of KI formed a white foggy gas on top of the solution, which was likely a consequence of the iodide ion and extra concentration of the reactant.

Not merely did the equilibrium alteration, but a physical alteration occurred every bit good. The gas was less heavy than the solution. The add-on of Na2S turned the solution partly brown. This was because of an extra concentration of the merchandise. In the trial tubing, there was a white has from the K iodide, a brown subsequently between the white has and the clear liquid from the sulphide, and the clear liquid from the normal concentrations of the solution of Ag, chloride, and azotic acid.

In portion C with the buffer systems. The Bronstead acerb equation was used to obtain the initial pH values. Table 3 shows the initial pH values with the colour indexs.

Effects of static and dynamic culture conditions biology essay

As HCl was added the reaction shifted to the left to equilibrate the acid and increased the base. The consequence of buffers on the equilibrium can be seen.

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As the strong acid HCl was added, the alteration in pH of the H2O system was higher than the alteration in the buffer system. Most significantly, as the strong base NaOH was added, the alteration in the H2O system increased significantly to However, the buffer system stayed within its scope.

Thus, the utile belongings of buffers is accepted as they contain the high alterations in the pH. Tables 4 and 5 show the colour alterations utilizing the common ion consequence and temperature alteration.

Both the add-on of the concentration of HCl into CoCl2 and the arrangement of CoCl2 into a hot H2O bath both changed the equilibrium of the solution by turning it violet. The equilibrium shifted back to red when H2O was added once more or the temperature was back to normal room temperature.

The systems under provinces of dynamic equilibrium shifted in waies to minimise the consequence of the emphasis that was placed upon the system.

Materials and Procedures:

In this experiment, the effects of emphasis were caused by alterations in concentration and temperature. There are many betterments that can be done to this experiment. One of them is that there can be more trials done to see how the equilibrium is affected in the metal ammonium hydroxide ions.

Another betterment that can be made to the experiment is comparing to the pH chart to deduce and analyse the colour alterations. A 3rd betterment is further analyzing the consequence of temperature in the equilibrium alterations.Effect of Enzyme Catalase on Hydrogen Peroxide.

In this experiment, I am going to determine the effect of different concentration of enzyme catalase on the rate of reaction of decomposition of hydrogen. Cause and effect is a relationship between events or things, where one is the result of the other or others. This is a combination of action and reaction.

Your students will love learning about Cause and effect with this comprehensive worksheet pack for children in Grades The Influence of Culture on and multilevel analysis models and supports the use of an integrative theory of behavior that takes into account biology, culture, and individual differences.

model for understanding the multiple dimensions of cognitive action within a session and their impact upon the dynamic communication between the.

Common Ion Effect On A Dynamic Equilibrium Biology Essay

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3. static and dynamic culture conditions that displayed a more uniform structure (Fig. 1). Successful chondrogenic differentiation was observed in the aspirates on day 21 of static or dynamic culture, as noted by safranin O staining and type-II collagen immunostaining (Fig.

2). words short essay on the culture Ashish Agarwal Culture is dynamic and adaptive. Though culture is relatively stable it is not altogether static. It is subject to slow but constant change. Change and growth are latent in culture. Culture is responsive to the changing conditions of the physical world.

It is adaptive.

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