Essay on bad condition of roads

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Essay on bad condition of roads

Replete with deep pits and pot holes, the national highway NHA running between Rose Garden Chowk and the Dabwali-by-pass, has led to many accidents.

Similar is the condition of Bibiwala road, which lead to Chandigarh and Patiala. TNN Sep 7, Strewn with upto one feet ditches, if the bad condition of the road here is a resulting in jerking of knees to the two-wheeler drivers, the risk of four wheelers toppling in these ditches always run high.

Expressing concern and shock on the condition of roads here, member of parliament MP Bhan Singh Bhaura wrote a letter to cabinet minister Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri, ministry of road transport and highways, this week.

At every yard or so there are deep pits and potholes dangerous for vehicle driving, wrote Bhaura. Erosion of pre-mix is seen here and there and no one can drive safely and smoothly on these roads, wrote the MP in the letter.

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Regretting the poor condition of the roads, which was posing danger to life and property, the MP said that the critical condition of national highways in Bathinda had brought a bad name to the department. Though a large number of accidents are happening due to bad condition of the national highways, leading to disc displacement, spinal injuries and bones dislocation and injuries, no proper attention was being to the problem, said the MP.

Essay on bad condition of roads

Bhaura alleged that though an amount of Rs 1 core was sanctioned for the repair of national highway NH A about a year back, nothing was done so far due to lack of sincerity and proper attention.

The issue of repairing such important roads should not hang between the central and state government and immediate remedial measures should be taken, said Bhaura. The condition of other link and main roads in the town is somehow, not different. While the authorities concerned blamed the poor drainage system and bowl shape of Bathinda for accumulation of rain water on roads, resulting in damage to the roads.

The residents allege that the blatant corruption by the contractors, who use very poor material, led to early depletion of the roads. Every year construction and maintenance work on the roads started just before the onset of the monsoon. This period is chosen for a particular reason.

While the contractors use very substandard material in the job, but once the water starts stagnating on the road in the rainy season, they have good alibi to blame the nature and escape accountability about the use of poor material, told a former member municipal corporation of Bathinda, Krishan Kumar Garg.

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Poor condition of roads make life miserable. Strewn with upto one feet ditches, if the bad condition of the road here is a resulting in jerking of .

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