Ethical dilemma in blood diamond

Print When people buy diamond jewellery, they often want to convey love or commitment to someone dear and special. But, this jewellery, if it contains diamonds from the Marange diamond fields in eastern Zimbabwe, could have a bloody past signifying mistreatment and abuse. Few outsiders have penetrated the closely guarded diamond fields in Marange. But, Human Rights Watch travelled regularly to the area in and interviewed more than hundred victims and witnesses of horrific human rights abuses.

Ethical dilemma in blood diamond

According to media reports here and here the BSGR group of companies has a unique corporate structure and is controlled by a trust fund, the Steinmetz Foundation, of which the Steinmetz family is the beneficiary.

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This information can hardly come as a surprise to you as the following facts were readily available in the public domain, some on the Steinmetz Foundation website before it was revamped and scrubbed of all references to funding the Israeli military. Over Palestinians were killed during the assault, mainly civilians.

Over of those killed were children. Thousands more were maimed and traumatised during the three weeks of relentless bombardment by Israeli forces from land, sea and air.

Blood Diamond Movie Review

A United Nations Human Rights Council Fact-Finding Mission into the assault — the Goldstone Report — found evidence that Israeli forces committed serious breaches of the Geneva Conventions amounting to war crimes and possible crimes against humanity. The Steinmetz-supported Givati Brigade was responsible for one of the most serious examples of gross human rights violations documented by human rights organisations and the UNHRC during the Israeli assault on Gaza when 21 members of the Samouni family were killed and many others seriously injured, maimed and traumatized.

The next morning, an Israeli airstrike killed 21 people inside the house, including 9 children and 10 women, and injured dozens of other family members.

When medics managed to get to site, they found four small children next Ethical dilemma in blood diamond their dead mothers in one of the houses, and evacuated several wounded people. The army refused permission to evacuate the bodies and they remained in the rubble for a further two weeks.

The Givati Brigade played a central role in the 51 day Israeli assault on Gaza in which killed Palestinians, mainly civilians including over children. However, a screen shot of the website was already widely circulated on the internet. The Tiffany brand is supposed to be synonymous with cut and polished diamonds of the highest quality and provenance.

For diamond buyers, the desirability of diamonds is intrinsically linked with love, romance and celebration. It is, therefore, absolutely imperative that a diamond is not tarnished by association with human rights violations at any stage along the production pipe from mine to finger.

Downstream of the mining sector, diamonds that generate revenue used to fund human rights violations legally enter the unregulated end of the supply pipe.

The Ethical Issues in the Movie - Blood Diamond - Essay

Billions of dollars of these blood diamonds enter the legitimate market each year. The SOW amounts to nothing more than a written statement from a vendor declaring: Despite this, diamonds from Israel, Angola and Zimbabwe, states with less than exemplary human rights records, all come with a written guarantee from vendors stating that they are conflict-free.

This demonstrates that the SOW is a complete charade which does not, and cannot, guarantee the ethical credentials of any diamonds. Principle 6 outlines the measure companies should undertake to ensure fair employment practices throughout their supply chain.

Given that those impacted by human rights violations carried out by the diamond-funded Givati Brigade, in particular the surviving members of the Samouni family who are still in need of medical attention and assistance to reconstruct homes destroyed by the Israeli bombardment, the question of remedial actions to mitigate those adverse human rights impacts needs to be addressed.

The UN Global Compact states: Corporate social responsibility necessitates affirmative action by management to protect a company from exposure to moral and legal hazards. The considerable expansion in the use of social media over recent years has compounded the potential scope of the negative publicity that could be generated by such incidents.

For that reason, Tiffany has direct sourcing relationships with mines around the world. In addition, the vast majority of rough diamonds sourced by Tiffany are also cut and polished in our own state-of-the-art facilities.

We believe in investing in local manufacturing, paying a living wage, transferring both craft and management skills to our workforce and contributing to the well-being of the communities in which we operate.

To learn more, please visit Tiffany. Diamonds that fund human rights violations are blood diamonds. He has written several articles about the failure of the jewellery industry to ban the trade in blood diamonds that fund human rights violations by government forces.

Other posts by Sean Clinton.Diamonds without ethical dilemma Many people have heard about blood diamonds, brought to Western World’s attention by the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio that exposed the conflict that is behind many of the precious stones.

Conflict diamonds or blood diamonds as the title of the movie confirms is an important ethical issue enlightened by director Edward Zwick. Before going into discussion around ethics regarding this topic, a short definition of conflict diamonds is appropriate: “Conflict Diamonds – also known as blood diamonds – are diamonds that are used to fuel conflict and human rights abuses.

In Cold Blood: A Question of Ethics. it also raises ethical dilemmas in terms of the way Capote obtained information from the murderers and the relationship he had with them while interviewing them.

Capote got close to Perry, making him promises and raising his hopes in exchange for information. In Cold Blood is undoubtedly a powerful. DeBeers-Diamond-Dilemma Lee and Diane had recently rented the movie Blood Diamond, set in Sierra Leone in the s when a civil war was raging and the rebel group, the Revolutionary United Front, relied on proceeds from smuggled diamonds to finance its military operation.

"Conflict-free diamonds should not be confused with ethical. But the December movie, Blood Diamond, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou, introduced to the broader public conscience the real costs of the diamond trade.

Ethical dilemma in blood diamond

The movie is set in , at the height of Sierra Leone’s grisly war. Say you’re an ethical consumer.

Ethical dilemma in blood diamond

You don’t want to own diamonds associated with the atrocities you saw in the movie Blood you buy from, or another seller of Canadian’s no civil war in Canada.

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