Memo to coworkers

Uncategorized Jul 21, Dear Annie: I am doing graduate work online for professional development in my field.

Memo to coworkers

In I worked for a company since closed that forbade salary discussions. I always thought that was shady and or downright illegal they did tons of other illegal stuff anyway but it is very interesting to read that it was legal at the time!

Merry and Bright Sounds like we used to work for sister companies. Shady all the way. Merry and Bright May 5, at 3: Lauren May 5, at 2: I actually find that having salaries open is far more conducive to fair employment than nearly anything else.

It takes the power secrecy away and makes all this information above board. Others may disagree but it strikes me as extremely Memo to coworkers.

Big10Professor Many studies back this up. Employers with open salaries have far better pay equity for traditionally underpaid demographics. JBeane May 5, at 2: I also work in higher education and we routinely use the open salary database when applying for new jobs elsewhere in the system.

Memo to coworkers

Roscoe May 5, at 2: Nor should Jack have to feel bad that he makes more than Jim. ThursdaysGeek May 5, at 2: How can I improve? So, even if the discrimination is legal and appropriate, the openness can be a good thing. At least, if I want to improve. Sure, if all of the men make more than all of the women, thats a definite issue.

But if 2 guys are making more than one girl, there could be a very valid reason, but all of a sudden there are accusations, questions, all sorts of things going around. And also because they wanted to make sure I had incentive to stay sinceI was a valued member of the team. LBK May 5, at 3: Florida May 5, at 6: As it is, money is the last taboo in America.

Many people are more comfortable telling you about their sex life than they are telling you how much money they make. But if it was standard practice, no one would think much of it. For the most, people are more than willing to tell you how many vacation days they get, even though that varies by company and even within company.

Salaries should become like that. Stranger than fiction May 5, at 3: I could totally see a war breaking out at my place if they suddenly posted it publicly lol.

Big corps are more regimented too. But I could be totally wrong, just a thought. Roscoe May 5, at 4: We are fairly small organization, so while there are many of us have the same title, and our primary jobs are the same, there are definite differences that absolutely would lead to a pay discrepancy.

LBK May 5, at 4: You were able to easily summarize why your pay was higher in about 2 concise, perfectly logical sentences. Why would it be so much harder to do that with your coworkers, if it even came up?

Knowing that the info would be under scrutiny would force people to question those decisions more, which I think is a good thing — it will illuminate biases and make people more thoughtful about how they pay their employees.James Damore vs.

Google: Class Action Lawsuit - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. James Damore vs. Google: Class Action Lawsuit.

one who works with another: a fellow worker went out for drinks with her coworkers after work So instead of serving your family, friends and even co-workers outdated, calorie-laden foods, treat .

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