Oncology and social media

Thompson, MD, Lisa J. Social media use widely accessible Web-based and mobile technologies to facilitate the creation and sharing of user-generated content in a collaborative and social manner.

Oncology and social media

Advertisement Social media is a uniquely positioned platform that can spread specific knowledge to a larger audience. The increase was even larger for the Genitourinary Cancers Symposium, which increased from users and 2, tweets in to 1, users and 6, tweets in In the oncology world, social media brings together varied perspectives, allowing oncologists, allied health professionals, advocates, patients, and the public to engage and interact with each another.

Attendees have reported that they tweet during meetings to make notes to themselves, share thoughts with other colleagues, and help bring attention to new and important findings.

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Those who cannot attend a meeting can follow along on Twitter to see the big takeaways and what their colleagues are excited about in real time and even ask questions or join discussions about meeting content.

Growing Use of Twitter Posts on Twitter are organized using hashtags—keywords that can be searched to find tweets related to a specific topic or theme. Usage of these meeting hashtags has seen a huge jump since they first were coined 4 years ago, proving that social media is an increasingly relevant learning tool.

At the Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium, users sent 1, tweets during the meeting; inusers sent 2, tweets.

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This growth reflects the rising number of oncology professionals on social media, as well as the value of social media in professional education. These volunteers share meeting updates and their own insights in real time and are a great source for information, which spans the cancer care continuum outside of ASCO meetings as well.

George have both served as Featured Voices at several ASCO meetings, but anyone can use a meeting hashtag to follow or join the conversation. Social Media Update Accessed April 19, American Society of Clinical Oncology.HEALTHCARE STAKEHOLDER SEGMENTATION Symplur has the world's largest database of healthcare stakeholders so that you can segment and analyze any healthcare conversation by Doctors, HCPs, Caregivers, Advocates, Academics, Pharma, Government, Media etc.

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Future Technologies. As pioneers of future technology, Elekta is setting a new standard of cancer care once again with magnetic resonance radiation therapy (MR/RT).. MR/RT addresses an unmet need in cancer therapy, enabling clinicians to confidently see and track difficult to visualize soft-tissue anatomies.

Oncology and social media

Merck's online newsroom allows journalists, consumers and investors to find real-time news about Merck's prescription medicines, vaccines and consumer care products. Now, however, social media and crowdsourcing are becoming ever present and widely used. For example, Crowdsourcing Cancer Research: The Role of Quantitative Challenges was a recent topic at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting in San Diego on April 7, A Great Place To Work.

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At Marshall Medical patients are our number one priority, but our employees run a close second. We recognize that it takes a highly committed, engaged, professional staff to meet the needs of our patients. The Annual Meeting is funded through the Conquer Cancer Foundation with the generous support of these organizations.

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