Reading response on murder on the

During the weeks that followed, life in this small town changed drastically. As residents of this small town reinforced locks, openly carried weapons and huddled together while sleeping, newspaper reporters and private detectives flooded the streets. Accusations, rumors and suspicion ran rampant among friends and families.

Reading response on murder on the

Reading response on murder on the

Aboriginal Affairs The violent clashes between police and protestors in Kalgoorlie yesterday followed the charging of a year-old man with manslaughter over the death of a year-old Aboriginal boy, Elijah Doughty.

Twelve police officers were injured, dozens of Aboriginal people are expected to be arrested, police vehicles have been damaged, and court house windows were smashed. Media are calling it a riot. That was in Queensland in Novemberafter Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley — the most senior cop on the island, standing six foot six inches tall and weighing kg — beat an Aboriginal man to death on the floor of the local watch house.

Within an hour he was dead. Mulrunji suffered a ruptured spleen, broken ribs, and his liver was all but cleaved in two, held together by a couple of blood vessels. As tensions grew, and police spread rumours in the media that Mulrunji may have suffered his injuries prior to his arrest, calls for calm from community leaders grew.

It found that Mulrunji had died after tripping up a single step, and falling onto a flat floor. The Palm Island police station and court house, burnt to the ground in November during the Palm Island uprising.

And suddenly, media were very, very interested in the story. Thousands of stories have been written since. A movie was made.

Reading response on murder on the

We still read about it today. History now records the extraordinary attempted cover-up by police, for which, more than a decade later, no-one has ever been held responsible. We now know that the extent of police injuries during the uprising was a single bruised hip.

Patrick Bramwell, an Aboriginal man who lay next to Mulrunji as he writhed in agony in his cell and comforted him as he died, took his own life two years later. Dozens of Aboriginal people were arrested and jailed. Most claim to have been assaulted in the process. Children were held at gunpoint by tactical police dressed in black, wearing masks.

They sat scared in their homes with laser targets pointed at their heads.

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The man who led the uprising, Lex Wotton, spent several years in jail. The morning after his conviction, Queensland Police announced bravery awards for officers who served on the island during the uprising. Lex Wotton leads the Palm Island uprising in November Six of the police who received those awards were adversely named in a subsequent Crime and Misconduct Commission report.

No real sanctions have ever been imposed against them. After authorities initially decided Hurley had no case to answer, public outrage — driven in large part by outstanding reporting from The Australian newspaper — forced a criminal trial.

He walked out of court and told media he now accepted responsibility for causing the death of Mulrunji. Indeed, he took extended leave, on full pay.

The QPS was finally motivated to take action against Hurley when he targeted one of his own. In March this year, Hurley was charged with two counts of assault for pushing a female colleague. We would almost certainly know none of this if there had been no uprising on Palm Island.

The death of Mulrunji Doomadgee would have been yet another quiet cover-up.

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Elijah Doughty, 14, who was killed on Sunday in Boulder near Kalgoorlie. Of course, police are not in the frame over the death of year-old Elijah Doughty in Kalgoorlie on Sunday. A year-old man is accused of the crime. Police allege he used his vehicle to strike Elijah, who police say was riding a stolen motorbike.

He is entitled to his day in court, but there is seething anger in the Kalgoorlie community around the charge the man is facing — manslaughter.

If you know anything about the history of Aboriginal deaths in this country, then you might understand the reaction of Kalgoorlie protestors. The charge Chris Hurley beat was also manslaughter. When John Pat, a year-old Aboriginal boy was beaten to death in the streets of Roebourne in WA infive police officers were tried over the death.

They also faced manslaughter. Like Hurley, they were also acquitted, and returned to active duty.Tweet; Sumo; Tweet.

This is a guest post from my friend Ron Borsch, a retired police officer and well known law enforcement trainer. He has been doing some consulting in the field of church safety and has come up with some great ideas about forming a church security team.

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