The advantages of living in the

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The advantages of living in the

The biggest advantage of living in that century is the high stand of living we enjoy. We can earn more money for less hard work, since there are more office workers than manual laborers. Also, the salaries are higher, and the government services, such as social security, unemployment benefits and disability insurance, increased.

Another thing that has increased is the life expectancy. It became longer because now there is a better medical care with more hospitals, doctors, nurses and advances in medical technology. The improving of nutrition is clear, and the possibility of more leisure time helps increasing the longevity as well.

Besides, the modern conveniences are very helpful. We can count on long distance communication means, such as telephones, television and computer, and very fast means of transportation fast cars, airplanes, motorbikes.

Almost everybody has labor-saving machines at home, like dishwashers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners. All these things make life much easier and save you a lot of time. The air is polluted with smog and nuclear fallout, because of all the industries and cars.

The advantages of living in the

The water is also polluted with chemical wastes from factories: A second disadvantage of living in this century is the depersonalization of human relationships. People often interact more with machines than with other people. But, for me, the most alarming problem is the computerized dating services you can find.

The final disadvantage of living in the twenty first century is the weakening of spiritual values. Due to the materialistic culture, people pay more attention to things they can buy and have than to things they can simply feel.

Faith in science instead of in religion is also a problem. People need a scientific explanation for everything, and very few people still accept that God, who has created everything, has some mysteries. In conclusion, although the 21st century has indeed given us a lot of advantages by making us richer, healthier, and freer to enjoy our lives, it has, in my opinion, not made us wiser.

The 21st century has also made our earth dirtier, our people less humane, and our spiritual lives poorer. We should continue to enjoy the benefits of technological advancements because they free us to pursue our interests and goals. However, we must make a concerted effort to preserve our natural environment for future generations.

Moreover, we should take the time now to make our lives more meaningful in an increasingly impersonal, computerized world.Advantages and disadvantages of living in a small town essay.

There is many advantages and disadvantages of living on the island. Advantages. Living on the island would come with many advantages. You would not have to attend to society's rules, no school and you could start your life fresh. For all the advantages of waterfront housing there are also a few disadvantages to consider. Find out if waterfront living is right for you. Advantages Of Living In The City. Model Answer. Residing in urban or rural areas is entirely the decision of an individual. But, I believe that living in cities is more beneficial. Life in villages is restricted as the people have a backward thought process. However, this problem can be solved by educating the people.

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