The mask paper

October 7, I really like the feel of bubbles.

The mask paper

And how did we spend it? By making sheep masks of course! It has to be this one. To make them, I cut the inner circle out of two paper plates — a dinner size plate for the ewe mask, and a snack size plate for the lamb mask. Bee chattered as she went.

Dip, dip, dip in glue, and stick on mask. This Mummy sheep mask. That baby sheep mask. Bee really got into this craft actually. She was very heavy handed with her dipping, so that a LOT of glue ended up on the paper plate.

And she kept wanting to stick more and more cotton wool balls on, so we ended up with very, very woolly sheep! I think turning the masks over like this helped to quicken the process by allowing more airflow. Once they were dry, I cut out some ears from the middle part of paper plates and glued them onto the back.

Sheep crafts like this can also be used to celebrate Easter, Christmas or even as a lovely Spring activity for kids. And of course, once they are made, you can then play with them! We already have a set of DIY zoo animal masksand I have a funny feeling that I may be coaxed into making a few other animal ones as well… We made our sheep masks around the time of Chinese New Year for the Year of the Sheepbut you could also make them for Spring or Christmas nativity, or any time of year really!

The mask paper

And, of course, you can always subscribe to our newsletterto receive our latest ideas via email. It helps to keep this little blog afloat. Thanks for your support.Creatology is the art of playology, and what better way to play than with a mask?

You can decorate this paper mask to be the belle of the ball, or masquerade as a bandit.

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At the same moment he catches his teacher giving illegal drugs to a student, Redmond Fairweather loses his friggin’ mind and steals Mr. Street’s prized possession—a stupid wooden sword with round edges that will never, ever cut through anything—“The Whomper.” Redmond has no idea why he stole the Whomper.

He guesses his extreme dislike (okay, hate so much hate) of the school’s. Home > All Masquerade Masks. Masquerade Masks for Masquerade Balls, Weddings, Prom, Theatre and More! Over Styles of Masquerade Masks to Choose From! Planning a masquerade party? How about a masquerade wedding or ball?

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Sign up for special offers, promotions and the latest scoop on all our new products! Okay, I probably don’t need to write out instructions for this classic summer craft; paper bag really is pretty obvious.

But I’ll go ahead and tell you how the kid each made a paper bag mask anyway.

Filth Wizardry: Milk Jug Dragon Mask