Tony blair

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Tony blair

See Article History Alternative Title: But he displayed little enthusiasm for politics until he met his future wife, Cherie Booth.

He graduated from Oxford in and was called to the bar the following year. Tony blair specializing in employment and commercial lawhe became increasingly involved in Labour Party politics and in was elected to the House of Commons to the safe Labour parliamentary seat of Sedgefield, a tight-knit former mining district in northeastern England.

In John Smith was elected Labour leader, and he appointed Blair shadow home secretary.

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When Smith died suddenly in MayBlair seized the opportunity, and in July he was elected party leader with 57 percent support. Blair summed up his reforms—often opposed by members of his own party—by describing the party as New Labour.

Blair frequently looked for advice from businessmen who had come to prominence earlier, under the Conservative prime minister Thatcher.

Tony blair

Private firms were given an important role in financing state infrastructure projects, despite widespread criticism that this financing was on terms often disadvantageous to the taxpayer. Blair gave control of the economic agenda to Gordon Brownhis chancellor of the Exchequer and eventual successor.

During his first year in office, he organized referenda that created devolved assemblies in Scotland and Wales and developed a joint committee to coordinate constitutional and other policies with the opposition Liberal Democrats. Blair also gave important powers to unelected advisers, notably media consultant Alistair Campbell.

New Labour eagerly sought the approval of the mass-circulation press, particularly conservative tabloids such as The Sun, by embracing celebrity culture as well as respect for traditions, including the monarchy. Tony blair year Blair also helped to negotiate the Good Friday Agreement Belfast Agreementwhich was ratified overwhelmingly in both Ireland and Northern Ireland and which created an elected devolved power-sharing assembly in Northern Ireland for the first time since Blair also eliminated all but 92 of the hereditary members of the House of Lords as the prelude to more-extensive reforms of that chamber.

Tony Blair: Biography of Tony Blair, British Labour Party leader who served as prime minister of the United Kingdom (–). After convening a meeting at his nonprofit to discuss helping African nations, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair headed to a series . 8 days ago · Should Tony Blair be our next prime minister at the head of a new centrist party? Daniel Finkelstein raises the preposterous notion in Wednesday’s someone who tried and failed to launch a new centrist party, not because I believed I could succeed but because no one else would, I know its searing realities.

The population began to grow skeptical of Blair as a new election approached, as it became clear that his government remained highly centralized and that he had no plans for overdue reforms in the public services. Opinion polls found that there was public concern regarding financial misbehaviour in government, manipulation of the media, the granting of honours to individuals who contributed to Labour Party funds, nepotism, and other actions that put the interests of business before ordinary citizens.

Second term Facing a deeply unpopular opposition, however, Blair was easily reelected in May to a seat majority in the House of Commons—the largest-ever second-term majority in British electoral history, though voter turnout was the lowest since His second term was dominated by international affairs.

In the late s he had won praise by mounting peacekeeping operations in the Serbian province of Kosovo and in Sierra Leone. After the September 11 attacks on the United States inBritain played a key role in forming an international coalition that succeeded in driving the Taliban from power in Afghanistan, which had been allowed to become a safe haven for Islamic militants such as Osama bin Ladenthe mastermind of the attacks.

Blair enjoyed a good relationship with U. In October Blair announced that he would seek a third term as prime minister but would not stand for a fourth term. Many people in Britain felt that the country was in the grip of a serious malaise.

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Social cohesion seemed to be collapsing in much of urban Britain, as shown by a steep rise in violent crime and open drug dealing. Public officials in the police, civil serviceand education sectors seemed to be unable to grapple effectively with the social crisis as they struggled to meet bureaucratic targets.

After Islamic extremists exploded bombs in London on July 7,killing 54 people, Blair began to emphasize the need for a common public culture, and former multicultural policies that encouraged ethnic groups to separate into different communities were repudiated. Tony Blair addressing the media, as leaders attending the G-8 summit look on, in Gleneagles, Scot.

Subsequently, many Labour members of Parliament called for Blair to announce a date for his departure as prime minister well before the next general election; following a series of resignations by junior ministers, Blair declared in September that he would stand down as prime minister within a year.

On May 10, —one week after Labour was defeated by the Scottish National Party in elections to the Scottish Parliament and suffered major defeats in English local elections as well and two days after devolved power was returned from London to a power-sharing government in Northern Ireland—Blair announced that he would officially tender his resignation as prime minister on June 27, Blair subsequently was succeeded as leader of the Labour Party and as prime minister by his long-serving chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown.

Numerous minority groups found his government more sympathetic to their concerns—notably gays, who by were allowed to enter into civil partnerships recognized by the law. Blair showed a remarkable ability to convey optimism and energy in the face of adversity caused not least by the failure in Iraq.

Critics of his record argued that, instead of using his parliamentary majority to reform the institutions of state, he pursued incoherent short-term policies that left Britain ill-governed in important areas. The state became more intrusive and even more authoritarian without managing to overcome a range of social ills, particularly rising crime and drug use.

The economy grew steadily, but it was burdened by low productivity and growing volumes of personal and state debt.Memoirs; History of United Kingdom; Biographies of Presidents & Heads of State; Biographies of Political Leaders; Practical Politics; Biographies of British Prime Ministers.

Background and Family Life. Tony Blair was born at the Queen Mary Maternity Home in Edinburgh, Scotland, the second son of Leo and Hazel Blair (née Corscadden).

Leo Blair was the illegitimate son of two English actors, Charles Parsons and Mary Augusta Ridgway Bridson, whilst Hazel Corscadden's family were Protestants from County Donegal, has one elder brother, William Blair, who is. Tony Blair was born on May 6, in Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland as Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.

He is an actor, known for The Simpsons (), CNN World Report () and Truth, Lies and Intelligence (). He has been married to Cherie Blair since March 29, They have four May 06, After convening a meeting at his nonprofit to discuss helping African nations, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair headed to a series .

Sep 06,  · Tony Blair has accused the Coalition of being soft on crime, in his first explicit intervention in domestic politics since David Cameron entered Downing Street. 12 days ago · Tony Blair, Nick Clegg and John Major have been working on a diplomatic mission to stop Brexit, it has been reported.

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