Visuals writing about graphs tables and diagrams pdf

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Visuals writing about graphs tables and diagrams pdf

Jan 29th, When I was in high school, every teacher used an overhead projector regularly. Similarly, the flip chart is another device my teachers used often; sadly, it also gathers dust often in dark, neglected corners of meeting rooms. But flip charts are more than just relics; they remain one of the most versatile tools readily available to speakers.

In this article, we list the core benefits of using flip charts, and give several tips that will help you use this wonderful tool effectively. Core Benefits of Flip Charts Flip charts are both a static display tool like slides or props and a dynamic creation tool like a whiteboard or the ubiquitous back of the napkin.

This versatility offers many key benefits to speakers, including: Writing or drawing on a flip chart is an active process, and energizes the speaker. Whenever I step up to the flip chart, my energy levels rise.


Audiences ask more questions. Writing takes time, and this provides healthy pauses for your audience to absorb information or take notes. Flip charts and brainstorming go together like peanut butter and bananas yummy! One of my favorite training techniques is using a flip chart to record brainstorming sessions.

I ask questions, and then speedily record responses shouted out by my audience. Flip charts are low tech and analog.

visuals writing about graphs tables and diagrams pdf

You may not use flip charts in every presentation, but you should be able to wield one effectively when appropriate. Choose dark, saturated colors. To maximize visibility all the way to the back of the room, stick to high contrast colors like black, blue, red, or dark green.

Stay away from yellow or anything pastel-shaded.

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If you are using more than one color you shouldthen use them consistently. I typically use black as my base color, but then use red or blue to emphasize key words, or annotate the text.

Position the flip chart to maximize visibility for your audience. Minimize the time spent standing in front of the flip chart. Lots of people advise standing to the side, even when writing. I find this difficult to do without compromising legibility. Be neat… it matters. Make sure every word you print can be read by the person sitting in the back row of the room.

If you find this difficult, pre-trace some faint pencil lines along the flip chart pages. Give the flip chart the focus. If you are using both slides and a flip chart within the same presentation, consider whether the two are needed concurrently.

Focus on single words or short phrases. This will keep the tempo quick and active — just what the flip chart should be. Of course flip charts are good for planned diagrams, but they shine when used for impromptu sketches.

visuals writing about graphs tables and diagrams pdf

Make tables, charts, or graphs.Visuals:Writing about Graphs, Tablesand Diagrams that since there has beenconsiderableurban grotuth in all 5) The graph shou,,s continentspresented and that this trend is expectedto continue at least until Visuals Writing About Graphs, Tables And Diagrams by Gabi Duigu is a preparing for the IELTS ACADEMIC WRITING TASK 1.

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