Why elementary schools should have recess essay

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Why elementary schools should have recess essay

The benefits of recess are clear. Why are so many schools cutting back? Sit still," says Nelly Torres, a parent of a first and a fourth grader in the Chicago Public Schools. Back then, kids had recess twice a day. Yet recess has been scaled back or cut altogether in a number of schools around the country.

The trend can be traced back to the late eighties and was accelerated under No Child Left Behind. Districts under pressure to show academic progress began to squeeze as much instruction into the day as possible.

Others eliminated recess because of concerns about safety, lack of supervision, and subpar playground equipment. Now there is some momentum to bring recess back, fueled by several forces.

New brain research is drawing clear links between physical activity and learning. Coaches are setting up new games on playgrounds to make recess run more smoothly. And parents like Torres are banding together with teachers to change policies to bring recess back.

About 11 percent of states and 57 percent of districts require elementary schools to provide students with regularly scheduled recess, a study by the Centers for Disease Control in shows. This is up from 4 percent of states and 46 percent of districts in Although not mandated, 79 percent of elementary schools in the CDC survey said they provided daily recess.

Init was 71 percent. Alarmingly, say recess proponents, about two thirds of principals report taking away recess as punishment for behavior problems or not finishing work, according to " The State of Play " survey by Gallup for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Why elementary schools should have recess essay

Recess has taken the hardest hit in urban areas. Nationwide, principals report that 89 percent of discipline-related problems occur at recess or lunch. One in five principals says the annual yearly progress requirements of NCLB have led to a decrease in recess, according to "The State of Play" survey.

Why Kids Need Recess | Children's Health & Wellness

The focus is not on the well-rounded student. The ultimate goal in many states is to pass legislation so recess could not be eliminated by individual schools, says Melinda Bossenmeyer, founder of Peaceful Playgrounds, a company in Lake Elsinore, California, that trains educators and paints games on blacktops to encourage positive play.

Now the county has such a mandate for recess at all of its elementary schools. No longer do the teachers need to "be sneaky or creative," taking kids on a long walk back from lunch to try to squeeze in some activity, says Gerry. It gives them that time to look forward to every day.

Free time to relax and be kids. Research shows that when children have recess, they gain the following benefits: Are less fidgety and more on task Have improved memory and more focused attention Develop more brain connections Exercise leadership, teach games, take turns, and learn to resolve conflicts Are more physically active before and after school Jarrett maintains that recess has benefits over gym class.

The supporters of recess are many.🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. CONTENT AREA. Reading – Understanding the sounds of language, concepts of print, letter knowledge, decode symbols to develop reading skills; Math – Build concept knowledge such as problem solving, comparison, time, space, and number.

Here’s Why It’s Important For Kids To Have Recess Everyday that after Eagle Mountain Elementary in Fort found that kids in schools with a . School and parents should understand why kids need recess. Recess can benefit kids in social, physical and brain development, thus shall never be comprised for academic learning.

Even with all the researches done about why kids need recess and the importance of recess, a lot of schools still continue to not have recess. It is very .

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